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Vertical Creative Portfolio V-2 - Original File
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Full XML driven Vertical portfolio to showcase your portfolio or website.
This Vertical portfolio contains Profile, Service, News, Team, Portfolio, Video, and Contact page, which would satisfy your website’s requirements.

This Vertical portfolio can load External JPG , GIF, PNG , SWF and FLV files with their respective description and URL redirection, controlled by XML .
The file’s structure is very flexible so you can easily tune it up accordingly to match your requirements.

Main Sections:

This easy scroll Vertical Portfolio contains 7 sections, which are respectively About, Services, Team, News, Portfolio, video gallery and contact

XML driven Menu:

This Vertical Portfolio contains a XML driven menu in the middle left side, which you can slide in or out as required, the menu items contains nice roll over style and it also keep the selected item highlighted

HTML Formatted text:

The text contents in this portfolio are loading from XML and supports all HTML tags like L tags like bold, italics, underline, anchor, etc

XML based slideshow:

This Vertical portfolio contains XML driven Slideshow where you can display your swf, jpg, gif, png with their descriptions.

News Section:

This Vertical portfolio contains XML driven News section, here you can have as many news items with their details and image, and moreover you can create multiple news sections for achieve

Team Member Database:

This Vertical portfolio contains XML driven resource database with multiple category, here you can add as many resources as you want with their details and image.

Portfolio Section:

XML driven Portfolio section, where you can add up as many project as you wish with ease, you can load External JPG , GIF, PNG , SWF, moreover you can redirect each project with their live URL link

FLV Gallery:

This Vertical portfolio also contains XML driven FLV gallery where you can display your add campaign, media coverage or any video item in flv format

Contact Form:

Contains PHP driven Contact Form, all you need to do is just change the e-mail id to yours

Full Screen browser:

This Vertical portfolio contains fullscreen browser support so you can toggle the display between fullscreen and normal

Custom Right Click:

You can configure the Right click as required

External Mp3 Sound/Music:

The looping background music is loading from external mp3 sound and it also contains its sound on/ off controller

Background image/texture:

The backgrounds of this Vertical Portfolio are loading from external image files, you can also load swf file as the background

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